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How to become a Bank Teller?

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Answered August 16 2021
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There is no set path to becoming a Bank Teller, although most Bank Tellers have a high school diploma and work experience in customer service. Usually, banks provide all the on-the-job training they need to be successful. 

 During this training period, the bank will train the tellers in balancing their cash drawers and verify signatures. They will also be trained in the bank's computer software and learn about the bank's services and products.

Because being a Bank Teller is a customer-facing role and people are understandably careful about their money, Bank Tellers need exceptional customer service skills. These skills can be learned from other jobs, such as retail, food service, or call center. 

If you plan on one day working as a Financial Advisor or any other finance-related career, being a Bank Teller is a great starting point. 

What can help you become a Bank Teller

  • Decent math skills
Because Bank Tellers work with money and numbers all day, they need decent math skills to excel at their job. You don’t need to solve quadratic equations in your head, but an aptitude for arithmetic is a helpful skill for this position.
  • Experience in customer service
Most banks like to hire tellers with some background in customer service. If you’ve worked in retail or food service, or even in a call center, this is a useful piece of work experience that you should mention in your CV and job application. 
  • Computer skills
Banks provide on-the-job training for all their new hires. However, you will be asked to use banking software, spreadsheets, and other computer programs in your daily work. If you’re comfortable learning new software and new technology, this is another great asset to mention to a future employer.