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How to become a Concierge?

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Answered April 21 2021
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Depending on the employer, the minimum requirement for a hotel concierge is a high school diploma or a GED.

However, most employers want their concierges to have experience in customer service positions, such as working as a barista or a call center. Most employers also require that you can demonstrate basic computer skills and have a fluency in the language of the region you’re working in. 

Of course, since concierges work in hospitality and therefore interact with travelers from all over the world, a second language is an asset for communicating with an even wider clientele.  

If you want to pursue a career in hospitality, such as hotel management, or catering, being a concierge is a great first step on this path. Alternatively, if you want to make a career out of being a concierge, that’s possible as well, as you climb the ranks of seniority and experience. 

Important Things to Know Before Becoming a Concierge
  • You may get asked ridiculous things.
    • From babysitting to getting tickets to sold-out shows, you may be asked to do things beyond the scope of your position. While you should be as courteous and helpful as possible, it is important that you’re able to establish clear boundaries with your guests. 
  • The job requires long hours.
    • Hospitality work often involves long shifts, usually while standing. You will have to work some weekends and holidays, as hotels tend to be busier during those times.

  • The pay is average, but you do get gratuity.
    • It is not uncommon for guests to leave a tip after receiving good customer service from their favorite concierge.