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How to become a Copywriter?

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Answered April 30 2021
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There's no single path to becoming a Copywriter, and aside from hard work and excellent writing skills, there is no requirement to entering the field. Many Copywriters have college degrees in English, journalism, or communications. This shows hiring managers that you have the research and language skills necessary to do the job. Some writers do not have college degrees but instead chose to go to community college, pursue internships, or work in other creative fields before turning to copywriting. 

During your career, you will be asked to provide writing samples or to show a portfolio. This does not need to be anything fancy. Save any writing you do in a folder and send relevant samples to clients as they request them. Many Copywriters start working for agencies or sites like Fiverr to get those first few clients to build a portfolio. 

Another important step in becoming a successful Copywriter is to develop a niche. It is tempting in the early days of your career to say, "I can do anything and write to anyone." But it is simply untrue and does not help clients trust you. If you say, for example: "I can write to millennial women who like fashion, beauty, and technology," then you are setting yourself up into a niche that draws clients to you. Research this niche and develop relationships with businesses that target this niche, and soon, you will build a network of contacts

What Can Help You Become a Copywriter
Copywriting can be an attractive career, especially since it allows for a certain amount of flexibility, and Copywriters can often work remotely and set their hours. However, it can be pretty competitive. Here are some tips to help you stand out as a Copywriter. 

Understand the digital landscape. Copywriters used to write advertising for TV and print. The demand for Copywriters has exploded thanks to the proliferation of online marketing and the need for search engine optimization. Understanding how copy fits into a broader marketing strategy is critical and will help you stand out from the crowd. Skills like content management, content research, and competitor analysis will take you far in your copywriting career. 

Be prepared to write a test piece. It is standard for a company to hire Copywriters to write a short (100-200 word) test piece. Anything longer should set off alarm bells about the employer. However, short test pieces showcase your writing and research skills, as well as your ability to work under deadlines. 

Specialize. Many Copywriters want to work in fun or glamorous industries such as music, fashion, and food. However, industries like law, insurance, and tech also need Copywriters. Learning that industry jargon and being able to speak to those clients will set you up for success.