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How to become a Fashion Designer?

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Answered May 12 2021
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Most Fashion Designers go through a design program in university or community college. You will learn basics like design software, pattern making, fashion history, textiles, and fashion marketing in these programs.  
Many fashion schools also offer programs in merchandising, which helps you understand the business side of fashion, such as retail planning, consumer behavior, and retail management. Depending on the degree and college you attend, it is good to take at least a few courses from the business side of fashion to understand how the industry works.  
You will probably need to complete an internship either with a local design firm or manufacturer in fashion school. This will give you some insight into the day-to-day fashion design and provide some valuable contacts after graduation.  
After graduation, aspiring Designers put together a portfolio of work to show potential employers. These portfolios are usually hosted on a website and include mood boards, sketches, technical designs, and photos of finished products.  

Important Things to Know Before Becoming a Fashion Designer 
  • It helps to have a basic understanding of the business side of things. Designers are often in contact with factories, helping negotiate costs on things like buttons and zippers, and consider the final price point of their item if it suits their market. Understanding the basics of the business, its cycles, and its lingo will help you succeed as a Designer. 
  • It is a creative field, but you need to translate your innovative idea into a design for factories, merchandisers, and patternmakers. Designers need to be excellent in Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign to bring their ideas to life.  
  • Have a basic knowledge of sewing techniques and patternmaking. Generally, Designers don't sew garments themselves, but they need to explain their designs to sewers and patternmakers and understand the technical terms used.  
  • After graduation from fashion school, you need to keep up with the industry. New trends, technologies, and processes are constantly being developed. It is important to keep learning and stay up to date on the latest information