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How to become a Lifeguard?

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Answered July 29 2021
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In the US, there are different requirements for certification for pool and beach Lifeguards. Generally, the criteria for beach Lifeguards are more demanding than those for pools. Most Lifeguards are certified through the American Red Cross, the American Lifeguard Association, or the YMCA. You can check out their websites to see when they offer certification courses in your area. 

The requirements for being eligible to take the courses are: 
  • Be at least 15 years on the final day of the course.
  • Pass a minimum swimming test.
During the course, you will learn how to manipulate the basic rescue equipment Lifeguards use. You will learn how to monitor patrons and recognize signs of drowning or distress. You will also learn how to stabilize victims that nay has injuries and basic first aid. Some employers may also request that you complete a CPR course. 

Lifeguards usually need to re-certify every two years to ensure that they remember all the protocols and maintain their swimming skills.

What can help you become a Lifeguard
  • Practice the swimming test.
The swimming requirements for most Lifeguarding courses involve treading water without using hands for two minutes, a timed rescue of a 10-pound object, and a 300-yard swim of breaststroke and front crawl. These are not Olympic-level displays of athletic prowess, but you should train for the swim test to ensure you have the swimming ability to pass the test. Practice swimming holding objects, and using only one arm. 
  • Ask questions during training.
If you’re unclear about a particular point, you should ask the question and make sure you understand the proper protocol. 
  • Practice first aid. 
At the end of the course, you will be asked to display your knowledge of first aid, including spinal injury stabilization. There is lots of advice online, and you can always practice with friends.