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How to become a Makeup Artist?

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Answered May 27 2021
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Being a Makeup Artist can seem like a dream job for many beauty addicts. But like any career, it requires much hard work to achieve success. 

Practice a lot. You can get some hands-on experience doing makeup on others by working at a beauty counter in a department or cosmetics store. This will allow you to hone your customer service and experience working with people of all ages, skin types, and face shapes. 

Formal education is not necessary, but it can be an asset. Do your research on different Makeup Artist and cosmetology programs across the country. If you want to work in film and do special effects makeup, specific programs cater to that niche. 

Market yourself online. Platforms like Instagram and YouTube have changed the game for Makeup Artists. You don’t need to become a celebrity influencer, but having an online presence exposes you to new potential clients and provides a digital portfolio of your work. 

Important Things to Know Before Becoming a Makeup Artist
  • You will likely be self-employed.
Most Makeup Artists are freelancers who work for themselves. You need to be comfortable running your own business and taking on the responsibility and work that comes with being self-employed. 

  • You need to be reliable.
Imagine being booked to do someone’s wedding. Calling in sick or being late is not an option for the bride. You need to be 100% reliable or risk your reputation. 

  • You need to be comfortable taking criticism. 
If a client wants something changed or is unhappy with the results, you need to be professional and apply their requested changes without getting too emotional. 

  • As a freelancer, your work hours may be all over the place! 
Especially on film or television, you may have to be on set very early to get the actor’s makeup done before filming starts. 

  • Networking, marketing, and customer service are the keys to success. 
If hairstylists, photographers, and stylists like your work, they will recommend you to their clients. Build a base of contacts and maintain an online presence.