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How to become a Model?

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Answered February 09 2021
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To become a Model, you need to either attend an open call, be scouted into the industry, or submit a portfolio. There are several types of Modelling careers, and the path to becoming a Model is not always linear.  
Additionally, there are some Modeling academies that you can attend to help increase your likelihood of becoming successful in the industry. Becoming a Model is based on your physical appearance and skill level, and there is no formal education required for Modeling.   
Historically, Models needed to meet certain criteria that include the agency's specific height and weight requirements; however, the industry is shifting. Different body types are becoming more common and encouraged in the mainstream industry. 

What can help you become a Model

  • Open Calls  
Open calls have guidelines that generally include wearing simple, fitted clothing and minimal to no makeup, allowing the scouts to see the model candidate in their most natural state. They can then decide whether or not the physical attributes of the candidate meet their criteria. When applying to become a Model, candidates are often requested to submit a portfolio of images. These include full-length images, waist-up, close-up, and side profile shots. Professional photos are not required; however, they could help your chances of being selected. Like castings, agency representatives and scouts will often request that you minimize your makeup application for these images and wear fitted clothing. Photographers prefer natural lighting for portfolio images, with filters, group shots, and selfies often not accepted.   
  • Scouting  
Models are often scouted based on their physical attributes, and one of the most commonly sought-after features is their height. Many agencies require female Models to be a minimum of 5'9 (175 cm) and males to be a minimum of 5'11 (180 cm). Other standard characteristics that agencies measure include bust, waist, hips, dress size, and shoe size. Some agencies have age limits for their Models, and other agencies focus on certain types of Models based on their criteria.   
  • Portfolios  
It is common for Models to create and maintain a portfolio. Portfolios are images or videos provided to agencies and clients to represent each Model. Portfolios allow Models to focus on their style, show their versatility, present their best high-quality images and share their measurements. Modeling can be a highly saturated industry that is very specific depending on what the agency or client seeks. Not everyone can excel as a Model, but niche categories pave the way for a more diverse group to break into this space. Becoming a Model requires both confidence and skill. It is a competitive field, and it can be a challenging industry to join. It is imperative to be wary of scams and find a credible and reputable agency if you decide to take that route.