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How to become a Personal Trainer?

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Answered March 25 2021
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The first step to become a Personal Trainer in the United States is to become certified. Personal Training is not a regulated industry, and when it comes to being certified there are different options that Personal Trainers can pursue. One of the largest organizations that exists in the United States that accredits certifications to a certain standard is the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). The NCCA is an independent agency with high professional standards, and they have certified a number of different certifying organizations.  
Certification organizations can specialize in certain fields such as strength and fitness or professional athletes. Personal Trainers will work with a variety of different clients and make customized plans based on their specific goals and wants. Additionally, Personal Trainers can work in different environments such as commercial gyms, at clients home and for corporate companies. 
Once certified a Personal Trainer can begin to search for a position at a gym. Some commercial gyms will have specific requirements as per what certificate their Personal Trainers need to have, so it is valuable to look into the requirements ahead of time.  
Personal Trainers also need to spend time marketing themselves professionally in order to gain a reputation and earn clients. Additionally they can also begin their own business instead of being employed by another person or company, 
Things to know before becoming a ­ Personal Trainer 
  • Personal Trainers work on their own schedules, this means that the job can be quite flexible, however it may also mean that irregular hours are part of the job 
  • Personal Trainers will need to build their clientele and reputation. This will help dictate their success in terms of the amount of clients they have and the price that they charge. 
  • Financial stability is not always guaranteed. Personal Trainers depend on their clients and cancellations are always a possibility, there for Personal Trainers should set guidelines with their clients. 
  • Personal Trainers will need to comply with the rules and regulations wherever they train their clients. Some gyms require that Personal Trainers have certain qualifications or that they pay a percentage to the gym from their sessions. 
  • There are different kinds of Personal Trainers for different areas of expertise. Across the united states there is an array of different qualifications and certificates available.  
  • Personal Trainers need to be motivating and encouraging. As a Personal Trainer you are being hired to help people accomplish their goals and they will look up to you as a positive influence.