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How to become a Plumber?

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Answered July 12 2021
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These days, most Plumbers are trained through an apprenticeship, combining in-class theoretical learning with paid, on-the-job training. Both trade schools and community colleges offer plumbing and heating and cooling trade programs that can take an average of four years or around 2,000 hours to complete. Ideally, but not always, a high school diploma or equivalent is a prerequisite for getting started on the path towards a plumbing apprenticeship. That, and being at least 18 years old to enroll.  
Alongside education, Plumbers must have a license to work in most states, counties, and municipalities in the US as independent workers. Though the United States serves as our example here, to practice plumbing in most places, this is often the standard with all countries. The license needed to become a certified plumber requires at least two to five years of experience and can also require passing an exam. 

What can help you become a Plumber
  • Obtain your high school diploma or equivalent. Plumbers benefit from math and science backgrounds.  
  • Pursue an apprenticeship or training program to learn the trade, consisting of on-the-job and in-school training.  
  • Consider taking blueprint and drafting courses or workshops which will help accelerate your career opportunities.  
  • Explore licensing requirements in your region and follow the steps outlined to become an officially licensed Plumber.  
  • Complete any required exams to obtain licensing.  
  • Start exploring your career options and get started. Experience is a key factor for successful Plumbers everywhere, so the more you are working toward that goal, the better the outcome!