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How to become a Tutor?

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Answered July 26 2021
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Tutoring is usually a part-time, largely unregulated position. There is no single path to becoming a Tutor. However, there are some commonalities in Tutor's backgrounds that can inform your choices on your way to becoming a successful Tutor. 

  • Graduate from high school. 
You will need at least a high school diploma to be a credible Tutor. 
  • Attend college or university. 
Many Tutors are undergraduate, or graduate students who Tutor on the side for a little extra money. Attending university or college is also a great way to deepen your knowledge in the subject matter you wish you. 
  • Get certified. 
If you wish to work for a Tutoring center or a test prep Tutor, you will need additional certification. 
  • Find employment. 
If you're working privately, you will need to advertise your services. Social medial sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are great for this. Some schools or Tutoring centers hire Tutors. They may require additional checks, such as a police check, especially if you will be working with children. 

What can help you become a Tutor
  • Join an association.
Associations such as the National Tutoring Association can be helpful tools in finding work. They also provide educational resources such as webinars and articles to help you develop your skills as an educator. 
  • Build your subject niches.
Think of the subject you excelled in and any college studies you have done. Were you great a science, or did you pick up Spanish quickly? A niche will help you find students to help and see results from your Tutoring efforts. 
  • Familiarize yourself with the curriculum. 
Even if you took the same class only a few short years ago, sometimes curriculums change. It's worth looking over the current textbook that your students are using to see what kind of material they're being presented with. 
  • Sell yourself. 
The best way to become a successful Tutor is to find ways to sell yourself. Often, satisfied clients will refer you to their friends, and word of mouth will quickly help you build your Tutoring business. Get the word out, and clients will come to you. 
  • Offer payment options. 
Many parents now don't carry much cash. Allowing them to pay you via Venmo, Square, or Paypal makes it more convenient for everyone.