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What does a Bank Teller do?

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Answered August 16 2021
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A Bank Teller is responsible for completing any routine banking procedures. This includes cashing checks, depositing money, and currency exchanges. If a customer has a more complex request, such as applying for a loan, a Bank Teller can schedule an appointment to speak with that financial professional. 

If a customer is interested in a product or promotion the bank is offering, the Bank Teller needs to be knowledgeable about the product and help explain the promotion terms to the customer. 

Daily tasks of a Bank Teller can cover a range of banking procedures such as making deposits and withdrawals, opening bank accounts, and processing transaction requests. Bank Tellers also perform several administrative tasks such as filing deposit slips and other paperwork, maintaining account records, and balancing their cash drawer. 

Bank Tellers typically work a Monday-Friday 9-5 schedule, although some financial institutions may keep late or weekend hours. In that case, their schedule might vary. 

Roles and responsibilities of a Bank Teller
  • Provide guidance, support, and transactional services to customers.
  • Guide financial products and banking-related services while meeting the customers’ needs.
  • Communicate with colleagues to follow up on financial transactions.
  • Respond to customers’ complaints and consultations regarding financial products and the status of their transactions.
  • Answer inquiries about services.
  • Handle financial transactions.
  • Accept payments from new and existing customers.
  • Count and disburse cash for deposits and withdrawals.
  • Ensure compliance with all internal controls and established policies and procedures to guarantee transparency in every transaction held.
  • Maintain detailed records on the transactions executed daily.
  • Draft all administrative paperwork, including reminders, warnings, and updates to inform customers on relevant financial matters of their accounts.
  • Validate cheques before being cashed.
  • Ensure that the information contained in deposit slips is correct.
  • Issue traveler's cheques and exchange foreign currency.
  • Open new accounts for new and existing customers.