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What does a Community Manager do?

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Answered May 20 2022
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Community Managers are the monitors of a company's social media activity. They collect data about user behaviors and gather their feedback to continue creating relevant and engaging content across several social media platforms. The kind of content that will increase the organization's online presence. They are both curators and creators.   
Community Managers must be up-to-date with the latest trends in social media. They will also need to understand the company's target audience to create and post what's trending and most relevant to their users. Community Managers are also in charge of replying to their followers' comments or messages. They will often monitor the company's profile and register the increase or decrease in the follower volume and level of engagement using data software and tracking tools. User engagement is essential for any business that wants to succeed on social media. Community Managers are the key to achieving this goal.  
Community Managers play a pivotal role in a company's social media success. With their ability to connect with users and create engaging content, they are the ones who keep users coming back for more. Ongoing research, reviewing, and reporting are necessary to ensure the content creation and outreach executed by Community Managers is valuable to their target audiences. 
Roles and responsibilities of a Community Manager
Here's a non-exhaustive list of everyday tasks Community Managers are required to complete:
  • Contribute to the development of the company's online marketing and outreach strategies. 
  • Ensure content shared is in line with planned strategies and organizational guidelines and the pre-established voice and personality of the brand.  
  • Develop and maintain a social media content calendar, highlighting important dates to consider for content generation, and ensuring content is relevant, engaging, and posted regularly. 
  • Monitor competitors' online activity to measure their impact and influence.  
  • Liaise with the product development, sales, marketing, and advertising departments to stay updated on new products and features.  
  • Collect and forward customer feedback to appropriate parties. 
  • Research and analyze target audiences, their habits, and preferences. 
  • Create, tailor, and monetize social posts across different platforms relying on the target audience's preferences and interests to gain empathy.  
  • Collaborate with Graphic Designers to create visual content (e.g., pictures and video) to be shared throughout social networks.  
  • Plan and execute social media and communication campaigns. 
  • Foster a sense of community around the brand by building relationships with followers.  
  • Stimulate engagement by interacting with fans and followers.  
  • Monitor key online conversations and events to ensure the company's effective participation and representation.  
  • Measure the interaction level with the community.  
  • Answer questions, comments, and customer queries promptly, getting information from other departments when required. 
  • Identify influencers in the industry, seeking partnerships and collaboration opportunities. 
  • Monitor the success of campaigns and analyze community and social media data.  
  • Prepare detailed weekly and monthly reports on social media activity.  
  • Use analytic tools to track users' interactions, such as likes, comments, and shares. 
  • Drive traffic to the company's website and blog to increase brand awareness.  
  • Update the website pages to ensure the most current information is displayed.  
  • Ensure a good liaison between the website, blog, and social media platforms.