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What does a Copywriter do?

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Answered April 30 2021
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Copywriters arrange captivating words and prose to convey ideas or concepts they develop. Their goal is to compel, convince, and convert their readers by creating substantial content succinctly and persuasively to attract their attention and gain empathy

A Copywriter usually works for marketing or advertising departments or agencies. Their goal is to help promote the good or service they've been hired to sell and create a language around a product that makes sense with an overall branding and marketing vision. 

A Copywriter may write product descriptions for e-commerce, social media content, or newsletters on a given day. 

Many Copywriters work on a freelance basis. Freelancing has many advantages, notably the ability to select clients, set your hours, and pay rate. The disadvantages of freelancing are the lack of stability and other benefits such as paid time off. Some Copywriters work in-house for companies that sell goods or services, and they are usually nested into marketing, communication, or UX teams (sometimes all 3!). 

Roles and Responsibilities of a Copywriter
Depending on whether the Copywriter is freelance or employed in-house, they may have different responsibilities. However, some everyday tasks for Copywriters are:
  • Writing content.

    This is a Copywriter's #1 responsibility. They strive to deliver a copy that is clear and error-free. 
  • Researching.

    This can be researching terminology, competitors, keywords, or any other valuable information for their content. 

  • Interpreting the project brief.

    Pulling together the guidelines from the brief can often be a challenge, as guidelines can vary from very strict to very vague. Copywriters must develop content that has to satisfy many parties. 

  • Proofreading.

    If Copywriters work on a team, it is common for teammates to proofread each other's work to check for typos and clarity. 

  • Managing content.

    Copywriters are often in charge of organizing content for other departments such as graphic designers, translators, editors, and marketing. They keep their final copy properly organized and readable for others to use.