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What does a Dishwasher do?

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Answered May 04 2022
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Dishwashers work in the kitchen of a restaurant or other food service or dining establishment. Their primary responsibility is cleaning dishes, utensils, and other kitchen appliances and returning them to the appropriate location. Without them, kitchens would quickly become dirty and inoperable. 

Dishwashers are responsible for collecting dirty dishes, utensils, pans, pots, and other kitchen appliances for cleaning. After cleaning the dishes, utensils, and appliances using specialized machines, Dishwashers sort and store them in their designated areas. Delicate kitchenware that cannot go in a dishwasher must be washed by hand. 

Many Dishwashers are also responsible for sorting and taking out the garbage to the designated disposal areas and maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen and dining areas. This might include washing and disinfecting kitchen floors and surfaces. They may also be requested to assist in unloading and storing food supplies or help cooks or other kitchen personnel when necessary.

Average Day of a Dishwasher
Here’s a non-exhaustive list of common tasks Dishwashers are required to complete:
  • Cleaning and washing dishes, glassware, silverware, utensils, pots, and pans
  • Collecting dirty dishes and utensils from dining areas and placing them in the designated cleaning areas
  • Using special equipment (e.g., pressure hoses, dishwashing machines, steam cleaners, and disinfecting chemicals) to clean dishes and other utensils
  • Drying and placing all utensils in their designated storage areas
  • Maintaining kitchen and dining areas clean and in an orderly manner
  • Mopping, sweeping, and scrubbing floors
  • Cleaning surfaces, stoves, cutting boards, and other food preparation utensils
  • Sorting and removing garbage and other waste
  • Placing garbage cans and bags in the designated areas for later disposal by sanitation services
  • Cleaning garbage cans with pressured water and disinfecting soap for reusing
  • Receiving, unloading, and storing supplies
  • Moving supplies from storage to working areas as requested by Chefs
  • Setting up tables and assisting in the cleaning of dining areas
  • Assisting kitchen personnel with cooking tasks when requested