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What does a Doula do?

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Doulas are trained professionals that act as a source of companionship and support before, during, and after pregnancy. Doulas provide their physical, emotional, and informational support to parents; however, they do not receive medical training.   
There are a variety of professions for Doulas, including Antepartum Doulas, Birth, and Postpartum Doulas. A Doulas must focus on various pregnancy stages, including pre-birth, the labor, and after the infant is delivered. The role of a Doula is to provide continuous care throughout a client's pregnancy. Doulas are both teachers and helpers for expecting parents.   
Before childbirth, Antepartum Doulas meet expecting mothers in their second or third trimester. Together with the families, they develop a birthing plan, teach parents more about relaxation and labor procedures, and answer any questions or concerns.    
During labor, a Birth Doula acts as a source of support and comfort by helping position the mothers and providing them with nutrition and liquids. They act as a communicator to the hospital staff based on pre-established preferences of parents. Doulas help translate medical terms used by hospital staff during the birthing procedure to provide more comfort and clarity to parents and manage their expectations.   
After delivery, the Postpartum Doula is there to take care of both the parents and the child. Bringing a new baby back home can be an overwhelming experience, but this process is simplified with a Doula.  
A Doulas' role is to reassure all parties involved in the birth by making the entire process as easy as possible.   

Roles and responsibilities of a Doula 

  • To provide expecting parents with physical, emotional, and practical support 
  • To educate expectant parents about what to know before, during, and after birth  
  • To support the mother as much as needed and help create a positive birthing experience  
  • To offer pain management including massages and reflexology to the expecting mother  
  • To help the mother with staying nourished and hydrated   
  • To assist mothers during the birthing process and allowing them to remain calm  
  • To communicate with the family and hospital staff to help simplify the birthing process  
  • To help adjust new mothers into motherhood and teach them infant care such as diaper changing or how to bathe the newborn  
  • To ease the family with welcoming the new baby to their home via meal preparation, light cleaning, or helping with other siblings  
  • They can act as lactation consultants for new babies 
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