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What does a Fashion Designer do?

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Answered May 12 2021
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Fashion Designers oversee all phases of the design process of a garment. Depending on where they work, be it for a small atelier or a larger fashion chain, a Designer may have different responsibilities, but some everyday tasks Designers tackle may include any of the following:  
  • Research current trends in colors, textiles, and shapes. Fashion brands often pay trend forecasting companies to provide this research; then, it is up to the Designers to internalize it and adapt it to their brand and commodities. 
  • Design a product based on their research. The design usually includes a sketch, a fabric swatch, measurements, and specifications for notions and finishes. 
  • Send the first design to a factory for sampling 
  • Receive the sample and send the factory any comments. Usually, a second sample is ordered for the sales team. 
  • Meet with the sales teams to discuss sales strategies and feedback from retailers and customers. 
  • Revise the design and send patterns and fit comments to factories.  
  • Work with merchandisers and production managers to ensure the sampling and design schedule is being followed and that the collection will be delivered on time.  
While 'fast fashion' has changed the timelines of the industry, it is not uncommon for Designers to start working on a collection a year before it hits stores.

Average Day of a Fashion Designer
Fashion Designers typically work 9-5 Monday through Friday. If they work closely with factories or salespeople located in different time zones, they may start a little earlier or finish a little later to accommodate the time differences.  

Different Designers have different routines, but many Designers like to start the day by reading magazines or reading The Business of Fashion for research and inspiration. 

After that, a Designer will set some time aside for designing.  This can mean working on new sketches, re-vamping older styles in new colors or fabrics, or developing a collection.  

Throughout the day, Designers may have meetings with salespeople to discuss strategies and ideas. Or, they may have fittings with where fit models try on the samples, and the Designer and the patternmaker make notes on the fit of the garment.  

Designers also work closely with the marketing teams, ensuring that the clothing and marketing align to suit the target demographic. For example, a men's suiting line will have a different marketing and design plan than a children's line.  
Answered November 15 2021

Creates & designs fashions for men, women and children.

My bachelor degree plan was in fashion and interior design.