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What does a Hairdresser do?

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Answered November 03 2021
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Hairdressers specialize in cutting, trimming, and coloring hair. Before beginning with a client, they assess their hair type, styling preferences, and overall lifestyle to provide them with a final cut that fits their needs. 

Most Hairdressers are hair generalists meaning they can tackle most common client requests. However, some Hairdressers specialize in certain sub-specialties such as coloring, braiding, or wig styling. Other Hairdressers work with specific hair types, such as African American hair, which requires unique and knowledgeable care.

Hairdressers should also recommend styling products and equipment to their clients so they can maintain their new 'do at home.  

Hairdressers are often not considered salon employees, but independent contractors that "rent a chair" from a salon. The salon provides the space and certain other services such as gowns and coffee/tea for clients, while the Hairdresser pays either a flat weekly rental fee or takes a commission on sales. Hairdressers employed under this model need to be on top of their bookkeeping and taxes as independent contractors.

Roles & responsibilities of a Hairdresser
  • Cut, trim, and style hair or hairpieces according to the customer's desires or necessities
  • Provide advice to customers based on physical features, hair type, and color, as well as current fashion trends.
  • Groom and style wigs and hairpieces.
  • Bleach, dye, or tint hair according to customer's requests
  • Use special equipment (e.g., straightening or waving solutions, curlers, rollers, hot combs, and curling irons) to style hair in different fashions.
  • Keep their workstation and tools clean and stocked.
  • Sweep the floor around their workstation to remove trimmed hair
  • Stock up on hairstyling products (e.g., scissors, brushes, and hair dryers).
  • Use cash registers to receive payments from customers.
  • Update and maintain records of customers and services provided.
  • Replenish the inventory for hairstyling and caring products (e.g., dyes, tints, shampoos, and hairspray). 
  • Recommend beauty treatments and services to customers.
  • Recommend other services available in the establishment to customers, such as nail care services or scalp and body massages.