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What does a Hotel Manager do?

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Answered January 28 2022
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A Hotel General Manager oversees every aspect of the day-to-day operations of a hotel or other hospitality establishment. Some of their primary duties revolve around staffing. They manage their existing staff, coordinate with HR departments to hire additional staff, and oversee staff schedules. 

 Hotel General Managers also work with hotel vendors, such as laundry services, maintenance suppliers, and linen suppliers. If their hotel has an on-site shop, such as a gift shop, they will assist in negotiating the lease of that shop. 

Hotel Managers thrive in the diversity of their tasks and enjoy having much responsibility placed on their shoulders. They are the link between the owners and the rest of the staff. As such, they are sometimes faced with tough decisions and must represent the interests of one party over another. For example, a Hotel Manager may be tasked with staff layoffs during lean financial times, which is never a pleasant job. 

Roles & responsibilities of a Hotel Manager
  • Supervise the establishment's operations.
  • Monitor the general operations of the Hotel, including activities of all departments.
  • Liaise with employees and customers alike, using precise, polite, and concise language.
  • Develop, implement and evaluate policies and procedures for the general operations of any department or of the entire establishment.
  • Personally welcome VIP hotel guests.
  • Get feedback from guests and/or patrons to ensure general service satisfaction.
  • Coordinate the use and rental of hotel spaces for social events, gatherings, and parties, including prices, entertainment, and food.
  • Manage and coordinate the employees' duties (clerks, maintenance staff, housekeeping, sales employees, among others).
  • Prepare work schedules.
  • Promote teamwork to ensure optimum service and that guests' needs are met.
  • Monitor daily and monthly revenue generated and all costs and expenses.
  • Review financial reports and statements to understand the establishment's performance and keep track of the budget and expenses.
  • Ensure that all employees and department heads adhere to hotel policies and safety regulations.