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What does a Human Resources Coordinator do?

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Answered April 21 2022
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Human Resources Coordinators work hard to support the HR department. They make themselves available to complete tasks and follow through where their management team cannot, answering employees’ inquiries and complaints or acting as a liaison between employees and management. The same goes for interactions between employees and benefit vendors/administrators.   
A day for Human Resources Coordinators can include several operational and system administration support tasks ranging from performance management to data management and employee support and outreach. There are, for instance, company healthcare plans to manage, performance review and termination processes, and recruitment processes that involve candidate selection and interviews. 
Data entry is an essential component of this position. Coordinators will spend a great deal of their time entering and reviewing data using their demonstrated computer proficiencies with Microsoft programs and recruitment software. Creating organizational charts, reports, and other documents will likely fill their days, identifying issues and resolving problems as needed. 
Roles and responsibilities of a Human Resources Coordinator
Here's a non-exhaustive list of everyday tasks Human Resources Coordinators are required to complete:  
  • Answer inquiries and complaints.   
  • Create and coordinate internal and external communications to support HR initiatives.   
  • Provide information to internal and external parties using a variety of tools (e.g., intranet, newsletters, job boards) and documentation. 
  • Develop, update, and communicate HR programs and policies.   
  • Draft and distribute memos.  
  • Communicate changes in compensation and disciplinary and termination actions.   
  • Consult with management to identify and analyze current and future business issues and needs.   
  • Research, analyze, and implement HR-led programs and projects.   
  • Generate updates and reports on programs and initiatives regularly.   
  • Support management with the recruitment process.   
  • Coordinate the logistics for job fairs and other recruitment events.   
  • Prepare and post job openings on the company career site.    
  • Screen and rate candidate applications.   
  • Coordinate the candidate selection process and prepare scheduled questions for the interview.   
  • Participate in interviews with potential employees.   
  • Administer employment tests and track results.   
  • Prepare for and complete candidate background and reference checks.   
  • Provide information to prospective employees about company standards and position-specific requirements.   
  • Contact candidates selected for a position.   
  • Assist with documenting recruitment metrics.   
  • Contribute to the employee onboarding process.   
  • Create a new file for recently hired employees.  
  • Provide guidance and assistance to new employees and arrange staff training opportunities.   
  • Maintain employee records, including health and emergency information.   
  • Register and handle employees' inquiries and complaints.  
  • Report and monitor union grievances where applicable.   
  • Negotiate settlements of employee appeals and disputes.    
  • Complete and coordinate employee transfers, promotions, and terminations.  
  • Assist HR Manager with payroll and benefits.   
  • Screen and accept vacation requests.    
  • Participate in health and safety committee meetings as required.  
  • Manage internal event organization and coordination, including recreational events and training activities.