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What does a Landscaper do?

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Answered October 18 2021
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Landscaping work includes various tasks and responsibilities, some of which we may not have been previously aware of due to a lack of knowledge and experience. It's a very niche career, one that can attract people from all walks of life. In a nutshell, landscaping is about designing and providing maintenance to outdoor spaces.  
Accomplishing this starts with a landscaping team consisting of Architects, the Landscaper, and other workers that support the process. For starters, Landscapers work alongside Architects to design a plan covering how they intend to improve the grounds. It's work that consists of careful preparation, outlining the layout with sketches of the design they wish to achieve before analyzing the soil and terrain they're working with and how best to make improvements.  
Landscaping is more complex than simply clearing out and laying down new shrubbery, which Landscapers will do aplenty, but there are other considerations. For example, the industry requires adequate knowledge of irrigation systems and how to install them. It's a process that involves thorough calculations about the property, thinking through the best and most logical placement for sprinklers, right down to the type of sprinkler heads to use. The job also involves using power tools, gardening equipment, procuring materials, and recruiting additional workers to help on the worksite.  
Overall, a Landscaper will spend their time busy with several tasks throughout an ongoing project, and even more so when there are several projects at a time.  
Roles and responsibilities of a Landscaper
Here's a non-exhaustive list of everyday tasks Landscapers are required to complete: 
  • Design, craft, regenerate and maintain outdoor spaces.  
  • Invite clients to discuss the designs they desire.  
  • Work alongside the Landscape Architect to sketch and design outdoor environments using all sorts of materials and elements (e.g., vegetation, stones, structures, and artificial ponds).  
  • Liaise with Gardeners to plant and grow the desired vegetation according to plans.  
  • Monitor progress to ensure that everything is going according to design and file regular reports based on progress.  
  • Work with Gardeners and botany specialists when necessary to ensure the health of plants and other vegetation on-site.  
  • Purchase plants, fertilizer, and materials as needed.  
  • Add extra elements to the landscape (e.g., bridges and other structures).  
  • Follow and adhere to laws and regulations regarding gardens and public spaces.  
  • Follow regulations and maintain a clear game path when commissioned to work on a golf course.  
  • Advise clients on plant selection and care.  
  • Arrange elements according to design (e.g., gazeboes, decks, bridges, artificial ponds, streams, or waterfalls).  
  • Install irrigation systems for vegetation, maintain an adequate consumption of water.  
  • Liaise with contractors and building companies to hire qualified workers to realize the design  
  • Rent the necessary power tools and ensure that all safety precautions are followed when workers operate them.  
  • Remove snow from walking areas with the help of qualified workers and spreading salt to avoid slippery roads.