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What does a Librarian do?

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Answered April 15 2021
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There are many kinds of libraries, from public libraries to libraries in k-12 schools, universities, or medical and legal institutions. I In light of this, the scope of a Librarian’s work will vary based on the workplace. 

Depending on the type of library they work in, Librarians have a variety of daily tasks, which can include any of the following:

  • Providing information and research services to patrons
  • Putting items on hold as requested by patrons online. 
  • Checking materials in and out from either their front desk or the drop-off box
  • Developing and maintaining the library collection by cataloging and keeping track of the library materials
  • Purchasing additional library materials such as books, journals, or computers, as required
  • Monitoring trends and the latest digital technologies to improve current practices.

Average Day of a Librarian
Contrary to popular belief, Librarians do not get to sit and read all day. Their job is very complex and requires balancing many tasks. 

Most Librarians work 40-hour weeks. Since some libraries are open on the weekends, Librarians may work on the weekends, with days off during the workweek. It all depends on the workplace and its policies. 

Most Librarians rotate their duties between public-facing "desk" work and back-end administrative duties. They will usually be assigned time slots to be at the front desk and then spend the rest of their workday doing other tasks. 

Librarians may have to read for Storytime, or patrons may schedule appointments to get help with using technology. Or they may help people print documents. Many tasks come up in the front-facing end of Librarianship. 

On the back end, Librarians meet with supervisors to discuss community events or outreach, balance their budgets, and schedule staff or volunteers. 

After work, it's time to go home and finally curl up with a book.