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What does a Marketing Manager do?

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Answered June 07 2021
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As the name implies, a Marketing Manager is a person in charge of marketing a particular product or service. Depending on the company's structure, they may manage several services or products the company sells or only a single piece of its offerings. For example, a small fashion company may have one Marketing Manager for their entire collection, but a more prominent brand may have a separate Marketing Manager for their clothing and accessories divisions. 

The role of the Marketing Manager is to find ways to grow a business, develop and execute those ideas, and report the results of their campaigns. Marketing campaigns can take all kinds of shapes, so Marketing Managers often collaborate with different departments within a given company. As managers, they may lead teams in developing marketing strategies and supervise staff. 

Most Marketing Manager work Monday-Friday, from 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM. They generally work in offices, although more companies are implementing work from home or hybrid working models. 

Average Day of a Marketing Manager
Marketing Managers usually start their days by checking emails and chats and attending to any emergencies. Depending on the company's structure, they may be in different time zones than some of their colleagues, so usually, mornings are a time for catching up. 

Marketing Managers will then be expected to sign off on others' work. This can come from graphic designers, copywriters, or developers. As managers, they have final approval over all marketing content and are responsible for its quality. 

Marketing Managers may also spend time meeting with people outside their organization, such as vendors, public relations agencies, and consultants. They have to know their brand inside and out to ensure that their stakeholders from outside the brand have all the information they need.

A Marketing Manager might spend the rest of the day in meetings discussing strategy, following up on the progress of current initiatives, and writing up analysis reports for other departments.