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What does a Notary Public do?

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Answered July 12 2021
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A Notary Public holds a specific function in the legal and business world. In this position, you will have the authority to manage documents and business procedures in several ways. For starters, any papers or transactions that require authentication will require handling by a Notary Public. They include closing the sale of a house or property of some kind, transferring power of attorney, verifying custody agreements, and even witnessing any affidavit or declarative statement signing. While some notaries can provide legal advice for clients, the Notary Public cannot. 
In addition to handling and validating documents, a Notary Public should also take what is referred to as "oaths and affirmations" in legal circles. They almost have the same meaning, with similar legal effects, but oaths refer to swearing or pledging truthfulness on a Supreme being. In contrast, affirmations function as an alternative for non-religious persons. Either way, the option to "swear or affirm to the truthfulness of the contents within the documents they are signing" is entirely up to the signee. Finally, Notary Public professionals must know the difference to make the suitable accommodations for their clients. 

Roles and Responsibilities of a Notary Public
Typical roles and responsibilities for a Notary Public include but are not limited to: 
  • Scheduling appointments and meeting regularly with clients.  
  • Reviewing documents for accuracy of information. 
  • Educating clients about the contents of the documentation in question.  
  • Witnessing signatures 
  • Ensuring that when notarizing a document, affidavit, etc., they sign, date, and provide a seal or stamp that validates their appointment as a professional Notary.  
  • Validating documents and ensuring they contain accurate information.  
  • Receiving a declaration or affidavit where applicable.