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What does a Painter do?

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Answered November 05 2021
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As you may be able to guess by their job title, the primary duty of a Painter is to apply paint, varnishes, and wallpaper to commercial and residential properties. Painters also spend a significant portion of their time preparing surfaces for paint, which means doing work such as plastering, caulking, and sanding. 

 Most Painters work eight-hour days, five days a week. As with many jobs in the construction field, it is common for Painters to start early and finish early, working schedules like 8 am-4 pm, or 7 am-3 pm. Painters also face fluctuating demand for their services seasonally, with the summer months being busier than the winter. This is simply because paint causes fumes, and it's more pleasant to open the windows to ventilate a project in the warmer months. 

As a Painter, you should be prepared for a bit of fluctuation in your schedule on a weekly and seasonal basis.

Painters can work outdoors or indoors, alone or on a team, depending on the project. This variety of work is what attracts many people to the profession. 

Roles & responsibilities of a Painter
  • Examine the inside and outside building surfaces to decide which procedures and techniques should be used and determine the type and quantity of required materials.
  • Advise the customer on the selection of color schemes and choice of wall coverings as needed.
  • Follow specific instructions in terms of style, color, and finish.
  • Order and maintain the paint supplies and materials.
  • Fill cracks with caulk or plaster putty. 
  • Cover surfaces such as floors and furniture with drop cloths to protect them from paint. 
  • Smooth surfaces using sandpaper, scrapers, or other tools. 
  • Use scaffoldings wherever it's not possible to reach the height.
  • Paint or apply other materials and specialized coatings on walls or surfaces using the necessary tools (e.g., brushes, rollers, or spray equipment).
  • Install wall coverings, mix necessary materials to prepare a paste for wallpaper application.
  • Clean the job site before leaving; ensure paint spills, plaster dust, and all materials are appropriately removed.