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What does a Producer do?

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Answered February 09 2021
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Producers are responsible for managing the creation of different films and productions from beginning to end and are responsible for overseeing all tasks. The role of a Producer can change depending on the type of content they create because the size, budget, and production materials will all vary, respectively. Typical production formats include television, movies, commercials, plays, web content, among many more. Now with the availability of modern technology, it is more accessible than ever to become a Producer. However, the level of the projects will vary based on the experience and education of each Producer.    
Generally speaking, Producers are in charge of overseeing all development of a project from start to finish, including the financing of films, overseeing the concepts and scripts, casting, and ensuring that timelines are running smoothly within budget and coordinating all schedule demands.       
Producers can focus on areas of production depending on their expertise. For example, a Line Producer’s focus is on the physical aspects of the production, whereas an Executive Producer is responsible for supervising the other Producers. Similar to many careers, there are different rankings of Producers, all with specific tasks.  
The tasks that Producers carry out can be standardized. However, many are circumstantial based on the work that they are producing. The roles and responsibilities of a Producer will vary depending on the phase, size, and creation of the production. 

Roles & Responsibilities for a Producer

  • To aid and supervise the development of a production from beginning to end, from concept to post-production 
  • To help develop the material for production starting from the initial idea or concept 
  • To provide structure throughout the entire production  
  • To work closely with different members of the production, including writers, crew, and cast 
  • To secure finances, actors and filming material, and more 
  • To support the creative team, including Writers and Actors, and ensure that they have the right resources  
  • To overlook the funding and financing of the production and ensure everything is in order 
  • To approve schedules throughout the production 
  • To manage the entire crew from the Actors to the Cameramen 
  • To work together with other producers involved in the project 
  • To work closely with the post-production team during the editing, visual effects, credit verification, and more 
  • To market the work that they have completed with the help of public relation firms or via the use of digital media