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What does a Publicist do?

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Answered July 09 2021
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A Publicist works with individuals and brands to communicate messages. Their role is to decide what the messages are, how they will be delivered, and how to engage with the market.  
Working in PR is an excellent way for people who love writing and working with people to put those skills to use without putting up with the low salaries and long hours of Journalists. It's a combination of creative and corporate work that can suit many different personality types. 
Publicists need to do much writing. They need to write press releases, press kit materials, speeches, bios, and social media content. For example, when you see an influencer post #branded content online, a Publicist gave them that piece of copy for them to integrate into their caption. Publicists also craft pitches and proposals for journalists and media outlets. Excellent writing skills are a must to succeed in this field.  
Suppose you're the Publicist of new non-fiction at a publishing house. It would be best to think about which media outlets and influencers you can tap to promote your books based on the subject matter and author. You get to tell the media story of the book to entice people to read it.  

Roles & Responsibilities of a Publicist
  • Maintaining a good public image of their client or customer by contacting and providing information to the media.
  • Liaising with the media, creating contacts, and building relationships with journalists and other media representatives.
  • Advising company executives on the strategies and options available to deal with the public's perception of the organization.
  • Writing and presenting press releases aimed towards maintaining a public awareness of their client's activities and a positive image.
  • Arranging and organizing events, interviews, and press conferences.
  • Working as part of a dedicated PR team where every member works towards a common goal.
  • Following the activities of their client to adapt their image to their actions and the latest industry developments.
  • Ensuring the integration of digital and social media with press releases and media campaigns.