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What does a Receptionist do?

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Answered July 01 2021
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We often ask ourselves and each other, "What do you do?" when first introduced. The question is natural for any curious individual, given our desire to learn more about the world we inhabit. We tend to have a general idea about what Receptionists do, but it's always great practice to describe it for those of us looking to make a career out of our naturally warm and caring demeanor. Not to mention a willingness to help others.   
When it comes down to answering this question for Receptionists, one attribute that many have in common, or something that employers are looking for when hiring for this position, is the kind of candidate who knows exactly how to create a warm and welcoming environment in the workplace. Successful Receptionists have a knack for greeting, informing, and directing visitors and employees in a friendly, courteous, and professional manner. This trio is unmatched in this professional capacity.   
But there is plenty more that a Receptionist will encounter in the workplace as the amount of administrative work will be ongoing. It pays to have skills that support this kind of work to handle all instances of filing and organizing paper and electronic documents, answering emails and preparing invoices, reports, and other administrative records. Not to mention doing so while greeting, informing, and directing visitors and employees with a friendly and personable attitude.   
Roles and Responsibilities of a Receptionist
You will encounter plenty on the job as a Receptionist, depending on the field or industry where you lend your professional expertise. The rule of thumb is always to research the industry and familiarize yourself with the employer's expectations for their administrative professionals. There is plenty that Receptionists have in common, however. Check out our list below that details the roles and responsibilities you will encounter in this profession.  
  • Maintain front desk security and security access lists, keeping track of incoming and outgoing visitors, and reporting any suspicious activity to security staff.  
  • Answer questions, addressing complaints, and direct guests to appropriate parties and resources. 
  • Handle incoming and outgoing mail, calls, emails, and faxes.  
  • Answer incoming calls, emails, and in-person inquiries and forwarding them to the appropriate parties.   
  • Track and forward messages.  
  • Receive, sort, and distribute incoming and outgoing mail; and coordinating messenger and courier services.  
  • Draft and distribute office memos and correspondence to inform employees and clients about upcoming and changing office procedures.  
  • At times, promote the company's services and products.  
  • Schedule and track appointments using specialized software and tools.  
  • Coordinate meeting room schedules and bookings.   
  • Update and maintain contact lists.  
  • File and organize paper and electronic documents, such as emails, invoices, reports, and other administrative records.  
  • Assist with data entry and database maintenance, as well as invoicing and bookkeeping.  
  • Receive payments as needed, tracking and recording each payment for tax and record-keeping purposes.  
  • Create and track invoices and issue receipts when required.  
  • Ensure reception and other common areas are kept clean and organized.   
  • Arrange for repair and maintenance of office equipment, often ordering missing supplies and maintaining inventory, and replacing materials and equipment as needed or instructed.  
  • Provide clerical and administrative support to various teams when required.  
Answered September 28 2021

Receptionist is the first person of contact. 

They greet people in a friendly manner and direct them to their destination.  Answer all incoming calls direct to the appropriate staff member. Send and distribute fax, mail, etc .. They have knowledge of office equipment such as Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel,  ..  Collect money for payments due for services  rendered. Receptionist has the ability to Multi-task. A receptionist has to be a good listen, passionate, understanding and caring.