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What does a Recruiter do?

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Answered August 09 2021
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A Recruiter is someone who finds skilled candidates for employers and job seekers. They help bridge the gaps between these two parties by pre-screening candidates and keeping employers' expectations in check. 

Recruiters are paid based on placing job seekers in jobs, but they do much more than that. They help candidates write their resumes, prepare for interviews, and negotiate salaries. On the employer side, they can help companies write job postings and give employers insights into the labor market. This knowledge allows them to advise employers on things like salaries and skillsets that the labor market offers. 

Recruiters generally work in an office setting. However, you may be expected to work outside of traditional office hours. Jobseekers that currently have jobs may only speak to you outside of work hours, which means you will often need to take calls right after 5 pm, just as everyone else is clocking out. 

Roles and responsibilities of a Recruiter
  • Develop a deep understanding of the organization's culture.
  • Meet with managers to discuss needs, detailing an "ideal candidate" profile, and confirming all timelines and expectations.
  • Prepare and post job offers on various job boards and social networks to attract candidates.
  • Oversee the development of relevant job descriptions.
  • Study other job descriptions and job qualifications to identify better what requirements should be included in theirs.
  • Actively source, build and maintain a network of qualified and diverse candidates.
  • Search different social networks and job boards or contacting universities and associations for potential candidates.
  • Manage the full candidate pre-screening process, as well as review résumés and conduct phone interviews.
  • Coordinate and conduct in-person interviews with candidates to ensure their skills and qualities meet the organization's expectations.
  • Negotiate, facilitate and support the acceptance of the final offer.
  • Ensure metrics and objectives are met.
  • Recommend new recruiting policies and practices when needed.
Answered January 11 2022
I have been trained.

We are the lesions between the company who is hiring and the person seeking the position.