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What does a Scrum Master do?

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Answered February 26 2021
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A Scrum Master oversees managing the information exchange in a team. They build consensus amongst all the team members, assign tasks, and do their best to keep everyone focused on maximizing team performance.  

The Scrum Master serves as a coach for their scrum team, helping them self-organize and work cross-functionally. The team needs to feel like they should be able to count on the Scrum Master to remove any roadblocks in their way for them to work as efficiently as possible.  

The Scrum Master is also in charge of communicating the status of sprints to various other stakeholders through scrum-specific tools such as burndown charts, project management software, or simply through traditional means of communication (chats, email, shared folders, etc.).  

The scrum methodology is cyclical and iterative, and the Scrum Master understands this and works to keep the project team on task but knows that the project may have to go through the scrum process a few times before it is complete.  

Average day of a Scrum Master 

Part of the Scrum Master’s job is to shield their team from outside intervention or distractions. It means doing some of the following:

  • Facilitating a daily meeting or daily standup where the Scrum Master checks in with everyone and finds out if they have any roadblocks, if anyone needs help, and shares key learnings about the project. 
  • Helping the team maintain their burndown chart and works with the project owner to assign new tasks.  
  • Reviewing the user stories and epics to ensure that the project is addressing all concerns. 
  •  Planning sprints and works with other teams in the organization to prepare all necessary documents and processes. 
  • Setting up retrospectives and reviews of previous sprints and shares key learnings with other stakeholders.  
  •  Reviewing any new projects that may be coming up for sprints and making sure they understand all the tasks associated with the projects.