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What does a Server do?

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Answered December 09 2021
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A Server’s main responsibilities consist of greeting, seating, and taking guest orders. They then relay orders to the kitchen and bar, usually using a Point-of-Sale system. They are also responsible for answering customer questions about the menu and making recommendations depending on customer needs. 

 Servers are expected to carry heavy trays of plates or carry at least three or four plates in their hands. They should have good balance, coordination, and a great eye for detail. Some restaurants employ Bussers, but if not, then servers are responsible for clearing plates. They also bring customers their bills and make change if the customer is paying cash. 

While the bulk of a Server’s duties concerns the front of the house, they are also expected to stay after service to help clean up and do small tasks such as polishing glasses and silverware or refilling salt and pepper shakers. The bulk of restaurant cleaning is usually assigned to a designated Cleaner. 

Roles & responsibilities of a Server
  • Before a service, meet with Managers and Executive Chefs to discuss the day’s menu, learn about any specials, and gain insight into the day’s reservations. 
  • Greet customers and show them their tables.
  • List any drink or food specials.
  • Provide menu recommendations based on customer requests or dietary needs such as food allergies or dietary restrictions such as veganism. 
  • Input orders into a Point-Of-Sale system. 
  • Bring customers food, making sure everyone in the party receives the correct dish and that the dish is prepared to their specifications if needed. 
  • Clear the table neatly without intrusion.
  • Address any customer service issues that may arise, such as complaints about the food, noise level, or service speed. If need be, involve the Restaurant Manager. 
  • Provide customers with their bill and make change if needed. 
  • Small cleaning duties such as restocking the server stations, refilling sugar or salt containers, folding napkins, or polishing silverware.