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What does a Sous Chef do?

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Answered March 04 2021
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Each restaurant and each head chef have their way of structuring a kitchen team. Usually, Sous Chefs report directly to the head chefs, with line cooks reporting to them. They ensure that the food prepared at each station is up to par and oversee the plates' overall presentation before the chef inspects them.  

Sous Chefs are usually in charge of ensuring that the kitchen is adequately stocked and placing the weekly food orders. They also review the pricing and costing of dishes and sometimes modify restaurant prices as food prices occasionally shift. They are also the person in charge of the sanitation and cleanliness of the kitchen.  

Sous Chefs are the direct point of contact with management that the line cooks and prep cooks have. They manage the payroll of all kitchen staff and hire and fire staff as required.  

Sous Chefs need to have one foot in the kitchen and one foot in the management office. Because their responsibilities are so split, they must learn about the back-end management side of restaurant operation. It is an invaluable experience for any Sous Chef aiming to become an executive chef.  

Average Day of a Sous Chef

Sous Chefs often start their days quite early, around 7 am. They must be at the restaurant to receive and inspect the deliveries from suppliers. If a rep or a supplier has a new product or a new seasonal item, they may also review it, as Sous Chefs are usually in charge of day-to-day kitchen purchasing.  

They also plan the day's menu and any specials they might be offering and handle any staffing issues that may arise.  

During meal service, the Sous Chef needs to manage the staff, complete the prep work, and that plates get pushed out in their correct order.  

In between services or after closing, the Sous Chef helps the executive chef tallying the day's numbers, giving reports, and planning the next day, including deliveries and staff shifts.  

It is not uncommon for a Sous Chef to end their day after the dinner service, sometimes around midnight or 1 am. They work long days and handle many responsibilities.