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What does a Tattoo Artist do?

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Answered April 01 2021
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As their title indicates, Tattoo Artists are professionals who give their clients permanent tattoos based on their agreed preferences. Tattoo Artists work worldwide, and each artist has a style that they create and evolve over time. Tattoos are taboo in some countries and cultures but are praised in others, and in the United States, they are becoming increasingly popular.   
Tattoo Artists can work for themselves or in a shop, where it is common to reach your artist status via an apprenticeship. The central role of Tattoo Artists is to give their clients tattoos, but this is not their only responsibility. There are many tasks that Tattoo Artists must carry out because of the nature of their work. Tattoo Artists work closely with their patients and needles, for starters, meaning that they need to keep a clean and sterile work setting. Some states require licensing to become a Tattoo Artist and include specific expectations laid out by the licensing board. Some certificates are also required. It is very important that, alongside their creativity, they also are responsible and clean during their practice as a Tattoo Artist. The job also requires intense focus and attention to detail. The last thing an artist or shop owner would want is for their clients to experience a faulty design or any other mishap.   
When asking what a Tattoo Artist does, remember that it could mean they are completing many different tasks that will ultimately satisfy their customers, both new and returning.    
Roles & Responsibilities for a Tattoo Artist 
  • Maintaining a sterile and clean environment, including discarding used needles or sterilizing the tattoo guns and other equipment 
  • Creating a portfolio to exhibit a collection of their work to market themselves to new or existing customers 
  • Working closely with customers to provide them with tattoo ideas based on brainstorming sessions  
  • Booking appointments with customers and growing their reputation  
  • Marketing themselves online   
  • Educating customers on how to treat their new tattoo  
  • Occasionally Tattoo Artists can work in shops that can include other body modification types such as piercings, meaning they could also perform these tasks.   
  • All Tattoo Artist will have their own style and artistic preferences, and as part of their career, they will need to grow their repertoire of skills