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What does a Tutor do?

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Answered July 26 2021
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The goal of a Tutor is to help students learn the material and improve their academic performance. Tutors can help students with various academic skills, such as note-taking, test preparations, and homework. They can also help students develop learning methodologies that suit their learning style. 

Tutors often start by reviewing the material and assignments from class. Then the Tutor may assess where the student is stumbling and help guide them on the path to grasping the concept. 

For example, if a student has a hard time memorizing vocabulary for a foreign language, the Tutor may use games, music, or comic books. Using fun media can help put the vocabulary in context and help with memory recall when faced with a test.

If a Tutor is helping a group pass a standardized test such as the SATs, they can give the group test strategies and point out where test designers set little traps and figure out how to avoid them. 

Roles and responsibilities of a Tutor
  • Offer feedback on written or verbal assignments to help students improve performance.
  • Travel to student's homes, libraries, or other locations. 
  • Set up virtual Tutoring sessions, if applicable. 
  • Research and recommend secondary learning sources, such as books, movies, or articles. 
  • Prepare and correct practice tests.
  • Evaluate student progress and identify roadblocks. 
  • Improve the academic performance of students in specific subject areas. 
  • Discuss student progress with parents, if applicable. 
  • Teach study skills, note-taking skills, and other learning methodologies. 
  • Prepare invoices and receipts for students or parents.
  • Collect payments and maintain payment records. 
  • Assess academic needs with practice tests, baseline evaluations, or other methods. 
  • Craft learning plans based on individual students' needs and goals. 
  • Participate in learning and development sessions to improve their Tutoring style and learning new teaching techniques.