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What does a Voice Actor do?

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Answered March 03 2021
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A Voice Actor is an actor who works exclusively in audio. Clients employ Voice Actors for animations, video games, podcasts, audiobook narration, and training voiceovers, among other fields.  

 The job variety available for Voice Actors depends on their interests and voice type. For example, if a person has an exceptionally smooth voice, they may be more suited to audiobooks and training videos, as this kind of work depends on clarity. If a Voice Actor is incredibly skilled at impressions or conveying emotions, they may work in animation. 

Voice Actors usually work with agents who set up auditions and take a small commission for their paid work. After a few years of work, Voice Actors are usually required to join the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG). It allows them to have access to the union's protections and benefits, but membership can be expensive, so only join the union once you feel like your career is well established.  

For all Voice Actors, their vocal health is a huge priority as it is their livelihood. They make sure to warm up their voices before recording sessions and maintain good vocal hygiene in general. Voice Actors tend to avoid shouting and screaming at all costs. 

Average Day of a Voice Actor

Depending on the kind of work the actor is doing, their day might vary. Actors usually split their time between auditioning, doing paid work, and other tasks. 

Actors can usually record from home. You do not need a fancy home studio; most voiceover actors record their auditions inside closets, as clothes are great for muffling outside sounds. They generally have some recording setup for auditioning, even if the job itself is recorded in a professional studio.  

As for paid jobs, they can vary based on the type of work that requires voice talent. Some jobs can be recorded from home, while others require travel to the client to help live in the same city as major voiceover clients.  

Voice Actors also keep track of all their appointments, work with their vocal coaches, and teach voice or singing on the side.