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What does an Editor-in-Chief do?

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Answered November 24 2021
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An Editor-in-Chief has a wide variety of daily tasks on their plate. They handle the supervision of staff, the budgeting, and the marketing of their publication. They have the final say on everything their publication creates, from the big picture to the small details.  
Some daily tasks of an Editor-in-Chief include overseeing the work of Junior and Senior Editors and performing content reviews of any published work. Since most Editors-in-Chief start by working as Journalists, they usually have excellent writing and editing skills, and they need to ensure that all written communication meets their ambitious standards.  
Editors-in-Chief also look at short-term and long-term goals of their publication with other departments within the company such as Finance, Human Resources, and Marketing. They make sure that the content being created by the publication is in line with their publication's overall vision and mission.  
Finally, the Editor-in-Chief is also the public face of the publication. They may need to attend industry events, meet with sponsors or advertisers, or do other duties. Excellent interpersonal skills and an excellent communication style will help you be successful in these more "social" responsibilities.  

Roles & responsibilities of an Editor-in-Chief
  • Create and enforce parameters and policies regarding all publications and their contents, taking quality and originality as the most critical aspects. 
  • Prepare and control budgets for the departments they oversee. 
  • Oversee the planning and conception of written and visual content in print and online media outlets. 
  • Draft the issue's outline and curate mood boards. 
  • Assign tasks and projects to ensure all objectives meet the established deadlines and budgets. 
  • Lead meetings and discussions to debate and determine what news to publish. 
  • Implement marketing campaigns and social metrics to ensure loyal readership. 
  • Hire, sometimes train, and supervise new Editors and other staff members. 
  • Delegate and assign tasks to staff members. 
  • Liaise with Publishers, Writers, and other colleagues regarding issues with publications, including deadlines and content.
  • Attending social functions and media events as the publication or firm's representative. 
  • Contribute to editorial pieces. 
  • Approve layouts and designs.