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What does an Environmental Engineer do?

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Answered November 24 2021
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Environmental Engineers look for solutions to problems facing us such as pollution, public health, and sustainability. They also research how human activity can adversely impact the environment and propose mitigation strategies. They use a combination of engineering, biology, chemistry, and soil science to develop solutions to environmental problems. 

 Environmental Engineers can work for various employers, but they usually split their time between office-based work and fieldwork. They might attend meetings with colleagues, research policies and producers, or prepare reports analyzing complex data in the office setting. Since environmental issues are usually multi-disciplinary in their impacts, Environmental Engineers work with diverse teams of other professionals. 

In the field, Environmental Engineers will inspect sites, take measurements, and record data. They will also ensure that the site aligns with environmental policies and laws in effect in that area. They might also test out new designs and recommend any possible changes to improve the sustainability of a project. 

 Roles & responsibilities of an Environmental Engineer
  • Analyze the negative effect of human activity on the environment.
  • Use mathematical models to simulate and analyze past, present, and possible future natural phenomena.
  • Design ways to minimize the effects of hazardous consequences of human activity on the environment.
  • Write reports and recommendations based on their investigations.
  • Coordinate and manage different environmental projects.
  • Counsel clients and employers who are looking to amend damage made to the environment.
  • Conduct environmental research to find ways to reduce the impact of human activity on nature.
  • Design plans and schematics of a viable solution to any environmental problem at hand with the help of specialized software.
  • Design new models of electric vehicles or create alternative fuels that are eco-friendlier.
  • Conduct technical inspections to determine the level of impact a company’s commercial and industrial activity has on the environment.
  • Liaise with other professionals and influencers (e.g., politicians and artists) to promote their work and findings in environmental research.