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What does an Investment Advisor do?

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Answered October 29 2021
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If you've ever considered saving for your retirement, or a large purchase like a car or a house, you need to speak to an Investment Advisor. They're the finance professionals that are trained to help clients achieve their financial goals. 

 An Investment Advisor asks their clients questions to find out their financial goals and gather a holistic picture of their financial situation. They will ask about what types of investments and savings plans you're interested in and assess your overall risk tolerance. They will then help you build an investment plan that you're comfortable with and help you achieve your personal goals. 

Investment Advisors need to have a wide range of financial knowledge, from markets to tax laws, to help their clients navigate the sometimes-daunting world of financial management. Investment Advisors can also help their clients minimize their tax expenditures.  

Roles & responsibilities of an Investment Advisor
  • Establish business relationships with clients and prospects, build, and retain a client base.
  • Meet with customers, analyze their financial records, and identify their needs.
  • Choose suitable, customized solutions to meet customers' financial plans and goals to expand their portfolio.
  • Develop investment and trading strategies while ensuring their clients' best interests are being served.
  • Promote financial products and services and their purchase and sale, recommend the best-suited products to their customers.
  • Provide a professional level of financial-based advisory and transactional services to customers, including cash and investments management, insurance coverage, and retirement and estate planning.
  • Review and give solutions to clients' changing needs and financial circumstances.
  • Supervise and improve the financial profiles of customers to ensure profitability.
  • Contribute to ongoing professional business development activities
  • Cooperate with the company's endeavor of achieving gross revenue and net operating income objectives.
  • Stay up-to-date on current investment products, markets, and legislations.