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What is a Construction Manager?

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Answered June 23 2021
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Construction Managers oversee construction projects from conception to completion. They ensure all projects are progressing according to schedule, specifications, and budget. They accomplish this by ensuring that projects and all related processes are running smoothly by effectively coordinating activities, resources, equipment, and information. The role of a Construction Manager parallels that of a Project Manager in many ways, overlapping where duties such as planning, coordinating, budgeting, and supervising projects are concerned.   
In addition to leading and executing the company’s construction duties safely and productively, Construction Managers are also in charge of assembling teams and assigning them tasks, visiting construction sites to ensure the work undertaken by their team is of the highest standards. If you are in the beginning stages of researching this career path, you should know that Construction Manager roles are increasing in demand and are predicted to grow much faster than some other occupations.  

Personality of a Construction Manager
  • They are problem-solvers
Construction Managers often display a strong ability to predict outcomes while on the job site. They can assess and make logical inferences about issues that can arise during a construction project and can prioritize activities and tasks as they come.  

  • They are strong communicators
It helps when Construction Managers are confident communicators, showing that they can connect with their team, deliver instructions with clarity, highlight their leadership capabilities, and inspire the team to do their best work under their supervision.  

  • They understand where to devote their time
Construction Managers excel in their career when they can see the bigger picture, using that vision to assist them when delegating tasks to the team and weighing out certain decisions with the construction project.