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What is a Correctional Officer?

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Answered July 12 2021
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Correctional Officers are in charge of guarding, supervising, and monitoring inmates serving time in a correctional facility. They are also important figures who contribute to the rehabilitation process so that people who have served their sentence in places of detention have the opportunity to make impactful changes in their lives. Correctional Officers are responsible for the well-being and safety of inmates and maintain a calm, safe, and positive environment. Inside the prison or jail, correctional officers enforce rules and regulations. For any parent or childcare worker that thought minding children was tough, there is a Correctional Officer out there who would beg to differ.  
Apart from their duties involving direct contact with inmates, Correctional Officers are also in charge of some administrative responsibilities for the correctional institution. They work closely with Police Forces and other Law Enforcement organizations to process paperwork and transfer inmates to and from court appearances and other essential destinations. 

Personality of a Correctional Officer
  • They are controlled
Correctional work deals primarily with citizens detained in detention centers and prisons. As such, chaotic moments may likely arise. It is important to maintain and take a controlled approach in every situation, unique as it may be. 
  • They are instinctual
Situations among inmates will often happen without warning. Therefore, Correctional Officers must need to use their instincts to premeditate and prevent issues from occurring. They need to anticipate problems that can arise and instinctively take charge of the situation to avoid further problems. 
  • They are problem-solvers
Similar to instinct, problems will likely occur on the fly with little or no time to prepare for the situation at hand. Problem-solving and looking objectively at the scenario will benefit the correctional officer to guide and control the events that transpire effectively.