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What is a Cosmetician

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Answered October 22 2021
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Cosmeticians are professionals dedicated to providing skincare and beauty consultations. They benefit from a solid understanding of dermatology and a considerable understanding of esthetics to give advice and recommendations to their customers regarding what products they should use and avoid.    
Cosmeticians’ practice involves evaluating and analyzing their customer’s skin type and identifying specific key characteristics and possible problems, such as dry or oily skin, sun sensitivity, acne, or any other skin condition. Once the first analysis is complete, a Cosmetician may apply various products to restore and cleanse the customer’s skin. Cosmeticians also advise on the type of makeup their customers should use depending on their skin type and how to apply it correctly.   
Cosmeticians’ most common workplaces are pharmacies, beauty salons, spas, and skin health centers. It is also common for skin care product and makeup manufacturers to set up stands in malls and department stores to showcase their goods with the help of a certified Cosmetician. 

Personality of a Cosmetician
  • They are customer-service oriented  
The field of cosmetics falls under the service industry umbrella, which means that Cosmeticians are experts in communicating and managing customers’ expectations. This group of beauty and health-minded professionals make it their priority to take care of their clients’ needs, walking away with a renewed sense of confidence.   
  • They have an affinity for the beauty industry  
If you haven’t already guessed, Cosmeticians are beauty obsessed. While they may not eat, sleep, and breathe beauty, they spend considerable time learning about new products and procedures in their industry, which helps these professionals stay at the forefront of trends and cutting-edge treatments that could improve their business opportunities.   
  • They are expert listeners  
Listening doesn’t always come easy, but it comes more naturally for those in the service industry. Clients trust Cosmeticians to improve and enhance their skin and overall outward appearance, which is an intimate exchange if you think about it. Cosmeticians’ ability to listen to their client’s needs makes the experience much more rewarding for both parties.