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What is a Data Entry Clerk?

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Answered September 28 2021
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Data Entry Clerks keep track of the activities performed by individuals and departments of a designated organization. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that a company’s data is accurate and up to date. They compile, organize, manage, and update text and numerical data and information, entering it into various software.

Data entry requires excellent concentration skills, as workers often have to spend long hours looking at a computer screen. They need to know how to use data entry software, such as word processors, spreadsheets, and databases. 

While there are many legitimate work-from-home jobs within the data entry world, it is, unfortunately, a job that attracts many scammers. Beware of jobs without interviews or being paid a significant advance without completing any work. If you’re ever uncertain about an employer, do a quick Google search and see what comes up. 

Personality of a Data Entry Clerk
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
Data Entry Clerks need to communicate with people within and outside their teams. Imagine if a dataset was left behind due to poor communication! It could have severe impacts on the business. A Data Entry Clerk should be able to communicate with all their colleagues clearly and efficiently. 
  • Great concentration skills
Data entry jobs are repetitive and require that clerks do the same task for long periods. Data Entry Clerks need excellent concentration skills to ensure that their work is top-quality, no matter how monotonous. 
  • Independent workers
Data Entry Clerks usually work alone, and the best ones are ones that require minimal supervision. You need to demonstrate initiative and sound judgment as well as an autonomous attitude. 
  • Organization skills
Data Entry Clerks need to be very organized, detail-oriented and can prioritize efficiently. They are often given a high volume of diverse tasks, and they need to plan their time accordingly. 
Answered October 30 2021

Data entry clerks or operators are responsible for accurately maintaining an organization's databases including collecting, capturing and storing information.