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What is a Historian?

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Answered August 11 2021
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A Historian is a Social Sciences professional that specializes in the discipline of history. The main objective for these experts is to research, study, analyze, interpret, and document facts of human history. Like most branches of Social Sciences, there are several subcategories in which Historians divide themselves.   
Many Historians choose to specialize in specific historical or anthropological periods. They may also choose to analyze and research history from one particular point of view, such as political, artistic, or economic perspectives. On the other hand, they can also focus on eras or periods, such as pre-Columbian, Medieval, or Classical eras.    
Historians follow a method of investigation that relies heavily on facts and historical records left by past colleagues. They look for substantial evidence and reliable sources, sometimes liaising with Archeologists, to explain how and why things happened and how past events shaped modern society.    
One of the critical characteristics of a good Historian is their objectivity. It is typical for people to interpret history from their point of view or their lived experiences. However, Historians must maintain a level of complete and total objectivity and refer to facts avoiding opinions or any form of bias. 

Personality of a Historian
  • They are investigative    
Not only are they excellent at writing and research, but Historians also possess investigative traits worthy of any private detective role. The level of research required of Historians needs an analytical approach, using cues from the past to inform the theories of the future.   
  • They are expert storyteller’s    
Research is more than just the facts, and this is where Historians provide more personal expertise – with their storytelling abilities. Many historical professionals excel at taking human or societal history facts and weaving them into a more palatable format.     
  • They are passionate about history  
One does not simply become a Historian. There must be a passion for the field too, and there is no shortage of passion for these academics. What else but passion could drive someone to pour their time and energy into drafting thorough research on the turn of the century? For Historians, the desire to delve into the past is a trait that drives them to pursue this niche career.