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What is a Landscaper?

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Answered October 18 2021
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A Landscaper is a type of Architect specializing in creating outdoor sceneries, such as gardens, squares, or even parks. Landscapers are often confused with Gardeners, and while many Landscapers may have a green thumb or a personal liking to using vegetation in their designs, they do much more than that.    
These professionals use various elements (e.g., wood, stone, concrete, artificial brooks, streams, or waterfalls) to create harmonious and functional outdoor spaces. Take Central Park in New York City or the gardens of Versailles in France, for example. These are some of history's most iconic sprawling landscape designs and continue to inspire Landscapers today. Of course, not all landscaping designers will have the opportunity to work on a project of this scale. Still, the modest gardens created on a smaller scale for general clients also provide opportunities to showcase their talents.  
Many Landscapers may work for architectural or design firms, hired to create or remodel outdoor spaces. In most cases, they will work together with Architects from the same firm to create a cohesive design style where indoor and outdoor components complement each other. It is also possible for Landscapers to work in firms dedicated solely to outdoor design or work as freelancers. 

Personality of a Landscaper
  • They enjoy the outdoors  
This job isn't for the non-outdoorsy types, but we didn't have to tell you that. Landscapers spend their days in nature, clearing old vegetation for new and designing bright and spacious gardens for private and public use. They couldn't sacrifice their mornings and dry socks without some existing passion for the job.    
  • They are detail-oriented  
It's not uncommon for Landscapers to have overlapping duties while on the job. Not only that, but priorities can also change, so it helps when these gardening pros know how to stay on top of the details. Being detail-oriented is more than just anticipating needs, too. It also feeds into how Landscapers view the spaces they're tasked with upgrading, knowing what works, when to hold back, and taking stock of materials and tools.  
  • They aren't afraid of a challenge  
It should come as no surprise that Landscapers can work long hours, in various weather, with early start times. Not only does this profession require motivation to get started in the first place, but it also requires energy and physical stamina, which is something Landscapers will often bring to the table.