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What is a Mechanic?

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Answered June 15 2021
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Mechanics are professionals trained to perform repairs and regular maintenance on motor vehicles. Part of their job involves understanding how combustion and diesel motors work and their components. Mechanics know how to dismantle and reassemble auto parts to repair any issues. Being a Mechanic requires hands-on work, and these professionals like to take a direct approach towards problem-solving and aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. 
With the advancement of transportation and automotive engineering, Mechanics have had to learn about the most recent trends and technologies that go into designing vehicles. Some Mechanics concentrate on specific vehicle types, including cars, buses, or trucks. Others, however, may prefer to focus on specific vehicle brands as they could have more intricate engines and systems. 
Garages and auto-workshops are the common employers of mechanics. Car dealers, vehicle rental agencies, transportation companies are more examples of places where Mechanics can find regular employment, providing routine maintenance checks and repairs. They can also be self-employed, working in garages of their own.

Personality of a Mechanic

  • Detail-oriented
Mechanics will benefit from having their stations and workday organized and paying close attention to the details. There could be subtle issues that a car owner is experiencing, perhaps the sound it makes periodically or when particular indicators on the dash light up. These details could signify a more significant issue, so it pays to be aware in these circumstances. 
  • Problem-solving
Second to or perhaps parallel to being detail-oriented are problem-solving skills. One issue can be the precursor to a more significant obstacle, and it takes strong deductive reasoning skills to discover the root of the problem. Mechanics should use this skill when examining any vehicle in the shop, making their employer and clients equally satisfied with the quality of their work. 
  • Resourcefulness
It pays to be resourceful in any mechanic shop. Finding ways to use and reuse tools and other equipment or finding ways to get clients the best price for their repairs will help Mechanics simplify their workday and feel better about it in the process.