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What is a Nanny?

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Answered August 02 2021
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Nannies take care of the children living in a private household, assisting in most caregiving-related tasks. They help parents satisfy a child’s physical, emotional, intellectual, and social needs and provide children with the necessary tools to develop their skills as they grow up properly.

Families hire Nannies to provide care for children while parents are working or otherwise unavailable. They are different from babysitters in that Nannies usually work a set schedule for a more extended period. Babysitters, on the other hand, are generally employed for occasional childcare work. 

 Nannies can work for agencies specialized in providing this type of service to parents, but they can also be hired directly by the parents living in the same community as the Nanny. Some Nannies work for a specific number of hours during the week, depending on the needs of the parents. Other Nannies are hired to live in the household to provide constant assistance in the caring of children. In most cases, the live-in Nanny receives regular meals and accommodation as part of the payment.

Personality of a Nanny
Above all else, parents want to know that their child is in good, caring hands. Here are some other personality traits that can make you a great Nanny:
  • Patience
Small children are adorable, but they are also very energetic, and they can sometimes have a hard time following instructions. Having a calm and patient attitude is the best way to navigate the chaos that children can bring to the table!
  • Communication Skills
Working so closely with parents can sometimes be a challenge. Good communication skills are essential in avoiding potentially awkward situations.
  • Organization
If you’re planning on doing an activity or an outing, you need to manage your time efficiently and plan to have all the materials you need (change of clothes, water, snacks, and so on). Organizational skills and some helpful tools like a planner can help you succeed.