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What is a Paramedic?

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Answered February 26 2021
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A Paramedic is a health care professional who assesses and stabilizes people in need of medical attention until they can access a higher echelon of care. As part of a group of professionals working in emergency medical services (EMS), the Paramedic's primary function is to intervene with the patient needing emergency medical attention and safely transport them to emergency services.  

Paramedics work in many fields, including roadways, individual homes, and in some cases, wilderness areas. Military units often contain soldiers trained as Paramedics to provide emergency support to injured soldiers.  

Paramedics are also responsible for other non-urgent transfers, whether they transport people leaving the hospital after treatment or from one hospital to another. They usually transport patients by land, but some specialized Paramedics might instead do it by air or water. 

Paramedics usually work in pairs, teaming up with other qualified medical professionals, such as emergency medical technicians or ambulance technicians.

Personality of a Paramedic
A Paramedic needs to have a resilient, communicative, and empathetic personality. They need to rely on their medical knowledge and their social skills to save lives.  

Critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Paramedics need to rely on their medical knowledge to stabilize patients efficiently. As first responders, Paramedics need to quickly assess the physical, social, and medical situation at hand. They need to efficiently react to emergencies and follow established procedures to get patients to care. 

  • Even as an emergency unfolds, a Paramedic needs to stay calm under pressure and react appropriately to the crisis. Even in a situation that may be distressing or upsetting, the Paramedic always needs to focus their attention on patient care. 

  •  Emergencies can happen at any time of day, at any point during a shift. Paramedics need to be able to quickly switch from routine transport to a life-or-death emergency. 

  • Seeing emergencies unfold in real-time can be mentally and emotionally difficult. Paramedics need to have a resilient attitude and know that there are challenging moments that happen on the job, but the rewards of saving a fellow human’s life make the job worthwhile.