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What is a Personal Trainer?

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Answered March 01 2021
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Personal Trainers can be specialized and certified in different areas, but their ultimate roles and responsibilities focus on bettering their clientele. Personal Trainers have many roles, but their key responsibilities include:  
  • Introducing people to the world of fitness, such as the introduction to the equipment or other exercises  
  • Working with individuals or small groups to reach their fitness goals  
  • Screening and assessing their clients to maximize their potential based on their goals  
  • Being able to motivate their clients  
  • Creating specialized exercise and dietary routines based on their clients  
  • Strengthening client's overall health from flexibility to cardio  
  • Dedicating themselves to personal fitness and keeping client confidentiality  
  • Staying up to date with their clients and trends in their industry  

Personal Training is a rewarding career for all parties involved. As a Personal Trainer, you can see the progress of your clients and practice a healthy lifestyle.       
Personality of a Personal Trainer
  • Encouraging  
Clients hire Personal Trainers to help them reach their fitness goals, and therefore having encouraging and optimistic traits is essential for any Personal Trainer's success. Personal Trainers need to be supportive and a positive source for their clients.  

  • Flexible  
Personal Trainers work on their client's schedules, which means that they need to be flexible with their work hours. Though they can work in many different settings, maintaining an adaptable approach is vital for Personal Trainers. It also doesn't hurt to be physically flexible!   

  • Professional  
Personal Trainers need to be punctual and professional with their clients. An important part of being a Personal Trainer is building lasting relationships with clients, and keeping a balanced professional relationship will also help.   
  • Organized  
Personal Trainers work with many clients on different schedules and sometimes differing locations, so they must stay organized. Clients' schedules and workout plans could be in different stages, so Personal Trainers must be on top of their game to keep their clientele motivated and happy.