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What is a Photographer?

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Answered April 16 2021
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Still wondering what a Photographer really is? In this day and age, the term, as it relates to a career, is much more nuanced than it used to be. Still, we can get started with the basics: A Photographer is a person who captures images digitally or with film, either professionally or for pleasure. These images encompass everything from portrait photographs, groups, events, right down to travel, scenic landscapes, and wildlife.  
A Photographer studies their subjects and environment to visualize the best angle for taking an image and uses lighting, either natural, studio lighting, or both, to capture the image. Not all photography equipment is alike, so the images captured are not always considered the final product. Many Photographers retire from a photoshoot only to begin their editing process, which could require digital editing software or a dark room studio to develop images captured on film.  
Careers in photography in the 21st century extend much further than the traditional portrait or journalist route. Many Photographers contribute to the digital space as content creators, using social platforms such as Instagram to publish their content. Using these social platforms strategically to build an audience or practice and hone their natural abilities can be a great starting place for aspiring Photographers. 
Personality of a Photographer

  • They are creative
Photography is, after all, an art form. It is no surprise that Photographers are creative and see the world through an artistic lens. Many Photographers will harness this creativity differently, depending on their career path or their medium of expression.  

  • They are detail-oriented
It takes time and patience to capture the perfect image. To prepare, Photographers will benefit by ensuring that their equipment is ready for continued use and by doing their homework on a subject or space that they aim to shoot. Staying organized also translates to keeping records of their images, naming files to find and use later, and editing software. 

  • They are self-starters
The business of Photography is what some might consider a saturated market. Successful Photographers will benefit from being self-starters and using their time and resources to network for new clients and opportunities. Using social media to accelerate your exposure and give audiences access to your style and breadth of experience will help drive more interest in your work, but this requires motivation and frequent posting.