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What is a Physicist?

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Answered September 13 2021
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Physics is the science branch specializing in the study of matter, how it moves, and its behavior through space and time. Physics also focuses on the study of energy and force. It is a common goal for many Physicists to understand how the universe works.  
The profession divides into two main disciplines, Experimental Physics, concerned with the observation and study of physical phenomena and conducting experiments, and Theoretical Physics, which uses mathematical models and simulations to understand, explain and predict natural phenomena.  
Like in most branches of science, there are several subcategories in Physics beyond Experimental and Theoretical. Many Physicists choose to follow a path focused on the study of a particular area of matter. Some of these specializations include thermodynamics, nuclear physics, quantum physics, astronomy, and astrophysics.  
These professionals are employed in three sectors: academic institutions, laboratories, and private industries. Physicists working in academia usually research the sole advancement of science and human knowledge; they may also teach Physics to undergraduate and graduate students. Laboratories may be privately or government-funded, and Physicists working in them usually serve as consultants for military affairs and environmental issues. Finally, Physicists working in the private sector usually work as technology developers for companies and manufacturers. 

Personality of a Physicist
  • They are observant and curious 
Physicists are very inquisitive, asking many questions throughout their careers (with some of the answers being self-discovered) about the world and the science surrounding it.  
  • They are artistic and creative 
Physicists work best when they aren't forced into a box and free to think outside of it. They like to think freely and unequivocally about their work, preferring to cast a wide net to achieve many exciting and different results at one time. This creative perspective lends a lot to their discipline, opening opportunities to uncover even more of the unknown and connect with what we know about the universe.
  • They are naturally skeptical 
But not in a bad way! Physicists are scientists who are primarily concerned with the accuracy and completeness of an explanation. They devote their day to poking holes in theories until they find the facts that can back them. Skepticism only helps the cause, fueling their desire to make discoveries and crack new theories.