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What is a Producer?

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Answered February 09 2021
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It is no secret that a Producer is an individual that works closely on the production of media, typically for film, television, or music.   
A Producer is in charge of financial and personnel management, overseeing and managing deadlines, budgets, and hiring production crews that include camera operators, special effects technicians, and more. Producers wear many hats, and each one will depend on the type of production they are working on, from the budget to the format.  
Generally speaking, Producers are in charge of the production, but the title can be ambiguous depending on their specialization area. Producers oversee every aspect of the filming process, and they are the primary person handling the business side of production. They are specifically known to work closely with directors, who control the creative side of the production.   
Various Producers work together on a set with different roles and responsibilities. For example, an Associate Producer, Supervising, Segment, and co-Producers, to name a few. 
Traits that Producers Should Have 
  • Organization  
As the person in charge of many different production aspects, Producers must be very organized. Strong management skills and organization will help a Producer be more efficient and ultimately enhance their work efficiency. The role will often include juggling many different aspects throughout the entire lifecycle of the production, so being organized is essential.   

  • People Skills  
Producers work with everyone involved in a production, so they must have people skills. A Producer's success is attributed to the work accomplished by everyone involved, and when a Producer can connect with their colleagues, they have a better chance of achieving their goals.   

  • Creative Thinking
Most productions are for the entertainment industry. If you aim to produce something you want your audience to appreciate, it's necessary to possess a more creative edge. Although Producers may not be the creatives behind a production, they are the people in charge of the entire execution process, and that's something that takes genuine skill.